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A little bit about us.

At "See Life as a Muse Creations", we strive to capture the beauty of the world around us and share it with others. Our work is inspired by nature, travel, fashion, and the people we meet on life's journey.

Through beadwork, yoga, reiki, and multimedia art styles, we hope to inspire others to appreciate the wonder of life and find their own muse.

At "See Life as a Muse Creations", we're not just crafting jewelry; we're cultivating inspiration and spreading positive energy to everyone. Our hand-painted, one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces are more than adornments—they're vessels of creativity and conduits of positivity. Infused with the healing essence of Reiki, each creation radiates positive energy, empowering both the wearer and those around them. From meditation malas to gemstone bracelets and earrings, our pieces serve as reminders to embrace life's beauty and channel your inner muse. Elevate your style while uplifting your spirit with "See Life as a Muse Creations"—where every piece is a beacon of inspiration and positivity."

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