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Expectations, good or bad who knows?

Well, if you have been getting my shout-outs you are aware I have retired from a job I have been in for 26-plus years. While I was holding down a job that had high and unrealistic expectations of on-call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I also held other creative jobs to feed my muse. These jobs were much less about the money and so much more about feeding my soul.

So, in this time of holding the job that paid my bills and supported the family I opened "See Life as a Muse Creations". I became a Reiki Healer, became a yoga teacher, got my certification in life coaching and wellness coaching as well, and won awards in art shows and playwriting compactions. Plus, I was a freelance writer for a local newspaper and worked as a face and body painter. This doesn’t include all the stuff life throws at you on a daily base.

Anyway, when you have a full plate that consumes you 24 hours a day 7 days a week you have the expectation of being superhuman! Right?

Well, the truth is when you have a plate as full as this, things suffer. My things have been home projects and a studio renovation and a plethora of other stuff that I will not bore you with.

So, let’s be totally clear my retirement is not actually retirement it is a career change, but that is for another blog!

So, I had the whole month of September to get my” S” together. I was going to organize the house. Revamp my studio to create a better flow for filling orders and creating new designs. Paint the house, inside and out, purge the garage, work on my website, get my blog and new letters up and going, and get back on track with my asana practice (not just teaching). Oh my God, this month was going to be amazing and when I returned to the workforce as a trainer for the job I just retired from my “S” would be in order. No more clutter, no more being disheveled. Everything would have a nice conducive flow and I would have everything under control and in its place.

Well, I go back in a different capacity (because of boundaries also for a different blog) on Oct 2, 2023, and let’s be clear my expectations for this month have been less than realistic.

No house painting, no garage purge, no revamp of the studio. As you can see, I did get the blog and the newsletter going!

So, with the 3 hours of sleep, I got last night I was compelled to get up and search my soul. I had to meditate and get my mind on the right path. The path of compassion and gratitude. I had to be with myself for a moment and cover all the stuff I do and all the stuff I did this past month. I had to honor the accomplishments for what they were. I had to celebrate the time I took for myself with my family. The mini trip with my husband. The whole family going to Meow Wolf. Early morning workouts at the local rec before taking my granddaughter to school and so much more. Pulling off a Day of the Dead birthday party 6-year-old style! My expectations of getting things done overshadowed the beautiful moments I was and still am having. Not to mention losing sight of how blessed I am to be able to retire (somewhat).

Every day I strive to do better and live what I teach, but being human sometimes gets in the way. Every day is a chance to live with compassion and lead with love, not just for others but for myself.

In conclusion, expectations can have a significant impact on our lives, both positively and negatively. While having high expectations can motivate us to strive for excellence, it can also create unnecessary pressure and stress. It is essential to find a balance and set realistic expectations for us and others. By doing so, we can avoid the pitfalls of anxiety and perfectionism, and instead, cultivate a healthier mindset focused on growth and self-care. Remember, it is okay to let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace the journey before the destination.

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