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Where have you been?

As you may all be aware, my recent retirement from my job has allowed me to shift my focus towards my small business ventures. Let me provide you with an update on all the recent developments taking place within the realm of "See Life as a Muse" and a little bit beyond. To aid in the day-to-day operations, I have returned to my department's workforce on a 3-day-a-week basis. Although this arrangement assists me in meeting my financial responsibilities, it unfortunately drains my creative energy. However, this topic can be explored further in another blog perhaps.

I have added more yoga classes to my teaching schedule and have been working on in-person workshops and private classes that will be launched in the new year. Furthermore, I have committed to complete my 300 YTT (Yoga Teacher Training), as well as enrolled in yoga philosophy and therapy courses. Yoga holds immense significance in my life and plays a crucial role in my holistic approach to well-being, incorporating practices like Chakra balancing and Reiki. Ever since my retirement, I have also embarked upon additional educational pursuits to enhance my technological proficiency. This will equip me with the skills needed to create digital downloads and online courses. I am delighted to announce the successful creation and launch of my 1st digital download, which is currently available on the website. This particular creation holds deep personal significance to me, serving as a reminder to maintain a positive perspective. It is an exquisitely designed Gratitude Journal, containing 40 journal pages and 3 mindfulness instruction pages, complete with prompts to help overcome any obstacles. A substantial portion of my accomplishments in life can be attributed to my ability to value and not take things for granted. (This was a long hard lesson but very necessary.) Adopting this mindset has expanded the capacity of my heart and empowered me to lead with love. Leading with love has undoubtedly contributed to my personal growth as an individual. Now, what lies at the heart of all these developments? "See Life as a Muse" will be undergoing a transformative phase that incorporates not only artistic components but also educational aspects. Will I cease creating art and jewelry? Absolutely not; my passion for crafting Malas will persist as long as I possess the skill to intricately knot them (but that is a topic for another future blog). Also, creativity drives me so I cannot see the other jewelry and wearable art pieces going away, but we will see what the future brings. Therefore, stay tuned for a multitude of exciting digital downloads and online courses aimed at elevating your spirits and nourishing your soul. Additionally, I am thrilled to announce a new collaborative project with my soul sister from "5 Minutes 4 Me". Remember to sign up for our respective mailing lists to ensure you remain informed and connected!

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