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How "See Life as a Muse" got its name.

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Welcome to my World!

Welcome to a blog that celebrates the power of art to transform our minds and lives. Here we explore the beautiful connection between art and the human brain, we recognizing that every person has an artistic spark within them. I'm the mind behind "See Life as a Muse Creations", not only am I a passionate artist but I'm also a reiki healer, a yoga and meditation practitioner, as well as a teacher of both yoga and meditations.

I create each piece in a meditative state, infusing them with positive intentions and the healing energy of reiki. Join me on this captivating exploration of art as a medium for self-expression, healing, and personal growth.

My creative journey was fueled by a deep-seated passion and the desire to find solace in a confusing world. For many, including myself, art has served as a pause from the challenges of daily life. From a young age, I found myself compelled to create and share my imaginative works with others. It was through these early experiences of crafting books and expressing my creativity that I began to seek a connection between my art and the world around me. Coming from an intense upbringing, art became my escape, a sanctuary where I could find solace and purpose.

Art and writing have always held a special place in my heart. These forms of creativity have been my way of expressing emotions that words alone could not capture. But as I delved deeper into my creative pursuits, I began to realize something unsettling – I was unknowingly replicating the same relationship patterns that my parents had raised me in. Whenever things took a turn for the worse, which seemed to happen far too often, I would retreat into my own little world of pages, filling them with drawings and words until the pain dissolved into the ink on the white page before me.

Little did I realize that while art was saving me, it was also preventing me from facing the reality of my toxic relationship. I had been blessed with two incredible children, and it was high time I confronted the truth of what was happening. If I didn't take action to break the cycle, I knew my children would be doomed to follow in the same footsteps. So my art stopped, no writing, no drawing, no daydreaming, no creative ventures.

Being a single mom juggling multiple jobs and responsibilities did leave me with little time for personal pursuits of my own art, creativity, and imagination. However, in the midst of the chaos, we very much found moments of creative joy. Necessity becomes the driving force for unleashing inner creativity. Some might argue that this isn't "true" art, but I beg to differ; it is an art in itself to keep a household running smoothly, and to care for and entertain rambunctious children, all while managing the daily challenges of life.

The children and I lived creatively every day, and when we were blessed to have an addition to our world we embraced it with open arms. My best friend who the children really liked, became my boyfriend and 6 years later became my spouse. He joined in on our creativity and imagination and encouraged me to pursue art again.

But what this has really taught me is that we are all artists. We just need to open our eyes around us and see the beauty in everything. If I did not go through those hard times in my life I would not have stepped outside my book of pages. My eyes would be stuck to a sheet of paper or a canvas instead of enjoying the art of life.

Now the world around me is my muse, and that is why I started "See Life as a Muse Creations".

There is so much more to this journey and I am so blessed and honored to have amazing people around me to make this all possible.

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