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A Beautiful Epiphany

Updated: Feb 29

During an encounter I recently had with someone, I had a profound realization. I have resumed working in a limited capacity to offer guidance and support to individuals who find themselves in unfamiliar and demanding situations. During one of these sessions, someone made a comment about my unwavering self-assurance and my knack for making difficult tasks seem effortless. This remark struck a chord with me, as I have received similar feedback throughout my life. Interestingly, I was not an exceptional student during my school years, and college posed significant challenges. Even now, I am attending classes that stretch my capabilities. Due to my dyslexia and ADHD, many things are extremely difficult for me. So, where does this seemingly innate confidence originate? How do others perceive me in this way?

In that moment, I had an epiphany. I realized that my confidence is not tied to my proficiency in a specific task or my level of knowledge. Instead, it stems from my unwavering commitment to give my best effort in everything I undertake. I approach each endeavor with love and dedication, even when the task itself may not be appealing. My best effort may vary depending on the situation, but it always represents my personal best at that particular moment. Assisting others is a source of joy for me, even if the task at hand is not desirable. I take pleasure in doing what is right, even when conflicts arise. My confidence lies in my unrelenting pursuit of leaving things in a better state than I found them. Some days, my best effort may involve asking for help and acknowledging my limitations. I find strength in recognizing not only my weaknesses but also my strengths. Moreover, sometimes my confidence arises from declining a task and seeking alternative solutions for its completion. I derive confidence from the relationships I have cultivated, knowing that others will support me along the way. I believe this is what people perceive. Additionally, I take delight in learning and problem-solving as I progress. I firmly believe in finding valuable learning opportunities in all situations. As you navigate through life, you will encounter challenges that test your resilience and reliance. On a physical note, I believe that my confident demeanor is also conveyed through how I carry myself. As a yogi, my body language reflects this confidence. I strive to maintain a sense of presence and hold space for myself and others. We all face our own challenges the question is how do you deal with those challenges?

Acknowledging our inner self is crucial for acquiring genuine confidence. It entails embracing our strengths and acknowledging our weaknesses. The journey towards confidence involves personal growth and self-discovery. When you find yourself doubting your own confidence, remember that it is not something that can be instantly obtained. It requires a continuous dedication to accepting oneself. Can you rise to these challenges by demonstrating self-love and empathy towards both yourself and others?

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